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Start your child potty training now and do it right

Starting potty training review training is a must see readiness of children physically and mentally as well as readiness of parents. However, the process also should not be too late. Start potty training review ages two to three years should have been introduced to the toilet, what is urinating or defecating. If it has been three years of age, especially when it will enter the school, but has not given start potty training review, it will affect the social development of the child. Being able to use the toilet is an important step in the life of your toddler. There is a toddler who could instantly, there is also a need to be taught with patience.

Do not start to potty at that age too early. Generally, children have started to recognize and respond to the taste to pee at the age of 2 years. Start potty training review too early will only make you frustrated and make Little upset because he can not do what you want. In the start potty training review you have to stay relaxed. The ability of the child to be able to use the toilet did not reflect your skills as a parent. If your child has not been able to use the toilet, does not mean you fail to educate. If your child is still wet, do not jump immediately to punish him, because it will inhibit the mastery of these skills. Your child will feel scared and anxious to learn to use the toilet.

Entering the age of 18 months, in general, your child is able to walk to go to the toilet, of course, with parental supervision. At that age, they also began to recognize there is a sense of wet uncomfortable in her body. In addition to seeing his physical readiness, note also the mental readiness of the child start potty training review. Therefore, a child who is ready physically is not necessarily ready to leave the comfort of the diaper.

The start potty training review initial stage, usually children showed physical reactions or signs when there is pressure from within his body. "The signs are shown every child could be different. Parents start potty training review should be sensitive to recognize when a child pushing, squeezing his pants, crossed his legs, retreated to a corner, or hiding. A sign he will urinate or defecate, "explained Ivonne. The gesture is a sign that the child is ready to toilet training. Other signs, among others, children have a regular time to urinate or defecate. Children start potty training review begin to fret and reacts violently when his diaper is wet or dirty. In start potty training review addition, children nimble enough raise and lower his own trousers. Kids can distinguish what is urinating or defecating and be able to say his desire to change the diaper. "Initially it may just whine. After a long time, he could distinguish and told his parent.

When the child is able to express, it's start potty training review time he was trained to the toilet. Accompany children, teach to take off the pants, then reseat in closets with supervision. After the children finished urinating or defecating, pour or spray water and clean the body. Start potty training review If necessary, use tools such as potty seat is more comfortable and appropriate size of the child. Parents need to be focused and have a lot of time to make toilet training to the child. Therefore, the exercise can not be done once or twice. Child may be refused, frown, even cried because he would not be trained to the toilet.

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